TYPAR ® Flashing AT All Temperature) Block Copolmer

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TYPAR ® Flashing AT is a flashing membrane specifically engineered for a broad range of temperature applications. When used properly, along with the TYPAR ® Weather Protection System, Flashing AT will provide a barrier of protection against moisture penetration at the window, doors and thru-wall entry points. Additionally, Flashing AT will assist in preventing water from penetrating the building envelope, which can lead to damaging mold and mildew growth. The aggressive synthetic block co-polymer adhesive provides maximum adhesion on OSB, plywood, aluminum, vinyl, and weather resistant barriers - even in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Suitable for installation down to 0 degree F and thermally stable up to 180 degree F
  • Self-seals around nail and fastener penetrations
  • Resistant to UV exposure for up to six months
  • 2-Year shelf life, 10-year limited warranty
  • No VOC, NFCC nor CFC
  • TYPAR ® HouseWrap offers superior protection that you can count on
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