TYPAR® Surround Contractor Building Wrap (6-Rolls, each roll 10 ft. x 150 ft.)

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  • $499.00

TYPAR ® Surround Contractor Wrap is a lightweight building wrap woven into sheets and coated. Micropores allow the house to breathe, yet are small enough to retain excellent wind barrier properties. Surround CW is an effective wind barrier that helps homes stay cool in hot regions and warm within cold climates. It reduces air infiltration around doors, windows, studs and electrical boxes. The microporous fabric also allows water vapor to pass through the wall cavity, while keeping out wind-driven rain. The smooth finish prevents snagging on sheathing. The see-through fabric makes it easy to line up to wall studs.

  • Provides defense against air infiltration
  • Protects your home from moisture entrapment
  • Strong and durable
  • Product can stand exposed for sun (UV) up to 3 months