FAQs - Door Slabs


Do we sell pre-hung doors? 
We currently do not offer pre-hung doors.

Do the door slabs come with edge bevels? 


Do we carry custom sizes and colors?
At this time, we do not carry custom sizes or colors.

How much can I trim off the door? 
No more than one inch top, bottom and sides.

What do I need to trim the door slab? 
A circular saw and planar can be used for cutting the door to fit the size of the opening.

Does trimming the door void the warranty? 
It does not void the warranty, but they cannot be returned since they are not in original condition.


How do I order door slabs for the left or right side? 
There are no pre-cut holes on the door so it may be used for the left or right.


Is the hardware for the frame included with the door slabs? 

Is the hardware included with the barn doors?
No. But the doors are pre-drilled for hardware (sold separately).


Is a door jamb included with the door slabs?

How do I determine door jamb compatibility?
The customer can use any door jamb kit that would fit the size door they purchased. The compatible sizes should be listed on the packaging, or you can check with your hardware store, Home Depot, etc.