Stoven Stone Veneer

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• Flexible, real stone veneers
• Easy to install

Add the beauty of stone with flexible stone veneers. Thin veneers (from .5mm to 2mm thick) are created from original thicker stone slabs adhering to a thin layer of fiberglass/polyester resin composite backing. These veneers are easy to install and have multiple uses indoors and outdoors.

  • Real natural Stone
  • Flexible, versatile, unique
  • Light-weight
  • Water-resistant
What type of backing should I use?  
  1. Flex Fiberglass for projects that require a sturdier backing, like a wall or counter top.
  2. Fabric backing for projects that require the stone to bend like columns.
  3. Translucent for projects where you want light to shine thru the veneer

Use and Care

Specifications and Technical Manual


Installation Guide