TYPAR® Flashing Flex

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• Conformable, Composite Peel and Stick Flashing
• Ideal for Curved Windows, Flanges, Sill Plates, Corners & Joints

This conformable, composite peel and stick flashing product is ideal to flash around curved windows. Use it on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints to improve air and moisture holdout. Based on a two-ply oriented high density polyethylene film, mated to a premium Butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet.

  • TYPAR® flashings and construction tape play a critical role in assuring seams, edges and openings are buttoned up to assure the highest level of system performance
  • Sealing all joints with tape improves the wrap’s performance by approximately 20%
  • Installation methods approved by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) are acceptable for TYPAR® products and system warranty 
  • Acceptable TYPAR® products and system warranty
  • TYPAR® material will not support the growth of mold or disintegrate over time, for added confidence and reduced worries.
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