TYPAR® House Wrap and Building Wrap

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• Rugged, with 5 Times the Tear Strength 
• Blocks Air & Water, Releases Trapped Moisture 

TYPAR ® House Wrap excels in all the ways that matter most to true construction pros. For starters, it’s rugged — with tear strength that’s five times greater than the competition. And while it blocks air and water from getting in, it’s smart enough to let moisture out of the wall cavity. That means it stands up to the elements with toughness and intelligence other building wraps can’t touch. Plus it delivers incredible durability, efficiency, and safety long after the cladding is up.

  • Superior water holdout - blocks water from entering the wall cavity
  • Exceptional moisture vapor transmission (MVT), it breathes so moisture can escape the wall cavity
  • Superior tear strength - proven to withstand heavy winds and is almost five times stronger than the leading competitive wrap
  • Optimal surfactant and UV resistance - reduces the damaging effects that oils and tannins from cedar siding, cement siding, stucco, brick and soaps from power washing can have on the system’s ability to block bulk moisture penetration, stands up to the beating sun on the job site for up to 6 months without degradation
  • TYPAR® material will not support the growth of mold or disintegrate over time, for added confidence and reduced worries.
  • TYPAR® House Wrap offers superior protection that you can count on