Copper Sealtite® 2000

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Five layers of waterproofing materials in a single flexible sheet

Non-asphaltic copper fabric flashing.

Flexible and easily formed by hand.

Compatible with most air barriers.

Product Overview

Over the years, a number of code changes have taken place. Making our walls energy-efficient has become a top priority, and with good reason. As a result, our thru-wall flashings have changed. In 1999, we patented the first non-asphaltic copper fabric flashing. We knew in the years to come, a more compatible flashing would be required.

In 2017, we made the decision to switch all of our copper laminated flashings to a more compatible non-asphaltic flashing, Copper Sealtite 2000®. It is still a copper fabric flashing - we simply replaced the asphalt with a clear coat adhesive making it more compatible with various air barriers, sealants and insulations currently on the market.


  • Compatible with most air barrier materials.
  • Compatibility with most water based latex sealants on the market.
  • Lighter product, which allows us to put more lineal footage on a roll, allowing for fewer lap joints.
  • Forms a natural copper drip edge.
  • LEED credits.
  • Life of the wall warranty.

Copper Sealtite 2000® is manufactured in 3 or 5 oz. copper bonded on both sides to glass fabric.


Copper Sealtite 2000® is a permanent, premium quality laminated thru-wall flashing consisting of five (5) layers of time-proven sustainable waterproofing materials combined under heat and pressure into a single sheet. It is flexible and is easily formed by hand at the jobsite.

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